Top Fishing Spots in the USA

Who doesn’t love to fish? For many newcomers, however, they really aren’t sure where they should go to fish. Should they visit the East Coast or the West? Are lakes better than ocean or land fishing? There is so much to find out which is why it’s best to have a fair idea of a few top-quality fishing spots in the USA. If you want to find some of the ideal fishing locations in the USA, read on!

Kodiak Island

If you’re visiting Alaska, Kodiak Island is the perfect spot for fishing! This is truly a lovely destination to visit even if you aren’t fishing. It has a lot of breathtaking scenery and, of course, great fishing potential too. Fishing here is unique and quite adorable too. This is the perfect place to spend a quiet day fishing and enjoying the scenery around. Salmon is a popular catch here too and there are many amazing spots around the Island which should be profitable for you. However, make sure you choose a spot that is known to fishermen and not one which bears frequent to catch salmon for them!

Cape Cod

Most people have already heard of Cape Cod and it truly is one of the very best places in the USA today. However, it is also a great fishing spot to checkout too. If you love saltwater fishing, you’ll love visiting Cape Cod. Fishermen shouldn’t have too much trouble getting on to the East Coast and it can be a wonderful experience too.

Top Fishing Spots in the USA

Falcon Lake

A lot of people don’t think the State of Texas has any fishing potential but they’re wrong. Falcon Lake, which is a beautiful reservoir found on the Rio Grande, is truly a beautiful fishing hotspot. It’s one amazing place to visit even if you aren’t fishing but, of course, it’s highly popular with fishing enthusiasts. The bass here are large and you will enjoy the fight you’ll have on your hands and the catfish here are also amazing. Fishing here is going to present some challenges so be prepared for a fight and enjoy!

The California Delta

No matter when you want to fish, the California Delta can accommodate you! Here is where you can fish throughout the entire year and there are fish on tap! You can try your hand at capturing black bass, salmon, striped bass, and catfish, as well as the odd sturgeon too. There is so much to find here and you will absolutely love it. This is the one area that is full of promise, potential, and beauty all year round.

Mount Rainier

One amazing place to visit would be Mount Rainier (or rather the Puget Sound) as it offers great fishing potential. Situated in Washington State, Mount Rainier has lots of piers and shore land. You can set up your fishing rod in any of these piers and can catch some fantastic fish. However, if land fishing isn’t for you, there is potential to take a boat out for a day and go further out. This is something which is extremely popular so it’s well worth considering.

Find Your Ideal Spot

Fishing throughout the USA can be wonderful with so many amazing locations to visit. You never know which location is going to throw up the best spot because every fishing enthusiast is looking for something special. However, no matter where you go fishing, you are sure to love it. America offers dozens of quality fishing hotspots and you will love them all. Get out there and get fishing today!